Dream of Tree  


(There is a sotdae on the stage. Sotdae is divine pole that symbolize the center of universe and protect evil standing at entrance of village. In front of sotdae we can see a sacrificial alter with lighting candles.)

He lights a light on candles.
And burn a pure paper out.
Then stare a growing tree.
He is transformed into tree.
The tree continuously grow up.
On the way of growing up flowers blossom out and butterflies come up.
When it stops growing, wind blows and birds sit on its branches and sing, fly away.

The tree goes to sleep.
It becomes a human being in dream.
He picks flowers up.
And he hears sound of water. What sound is this?
He moves to seek the source of the sound.
He find it.
He throws flowers to the stream.
Very interesting!

A fish swims around him.
What is this?
He walk into water to catch the fish.
It is hard to catch.
He catches it but loss it for its trembling hard.
He dives into water. More interesting place!
But he can't  breath soon. So he breath out of water and dive again.
Then he can breath free at this time. He is transformed into a fish.
At the next scene there is a heron. The fish that he is transformed may be eaten by it.
Seeking tasty food The heron flies to the sky.
Oh happy day! It still looks like the tree.

A farmer is looking up the fling heron. And he keeps on working.
It's hot day! He seeks shadow to take a rest. But there is not any shadow.
So he calls audiences out and make trees and rock, flowers and so on of them.
Sitting on rock to take a rest he finds apples from trees.
He eats an apple and throws them to audiences.
He goes to sleep.
But he hears the sound of flogs soon. So he wake up and move to catch them.
He catch one. He set it free immediately
He catch another one. But it don't move. It died already. Oh many flogs are dead!
He feels inauspiciousness. So he investigates around there.
He finds a dying bird. And he send audiences on the stage back with very sad face.

He holds it in his arms and walks.
Being transformed into a bird flies to the sky.
Immediately he become the sleeping tree again.


Through dream that a tree dream
I am willing to show you that trees, fishes, birds
and human beings are bound each other.
The first version was made according to the way of Western mime.
But when I performed in Asia Mime Creation I changed it 
according to the way of Korean traditional movement. 
From that time I started to research the way of Korean movement