1993 had the first mime recital 'Angels come back again'
1994-2007 took part in Chunchon International Mime Festival

1995 took part in Asia Mime Creation(Nagano in Japan)

1995 performed Opening Performance of Bongsan Fine Art Festival 1995(with Isao Dakeuzi of Japan)

1996-2002 directed Eco Fashion Performance

  (Earth Day Festival in Daegu & Seoul, Suwon Hwasung Drama Festival 1997)

1997 official invitation of Asia Mime Creation(Nagano in Japan)

1997 Joint recital with Mashu(Japanese Clown)

1997 Mime & Slide Performance

  in Publishing Ceremony of Gyungju World Culture EXPO 1998

  in Opening Ceremony of Jeju World Island Forum 1997

1998 Took part in Gongju Asia Mono Drama Festival

1999 Mime Performance For Traditional Music 'Sujechon' by invitation of National Traditional Music Center.

1999-2002 produced 1-38th Dorandow Street Performance and performed

2000 Produced New Millenium Asia Youth Camp and Directed Finale Performance 'Gaia 2000'

2001 Produced 1st Daegu Street Mime Festival, directed opening performance 'Momgut 2001'

2002 'Dreaming Butterfly', official invitation of Chunchon Mime Festival

2003 Mime recital 'Woorak'(Theatre Zero, Seoul)

2006 official invitation of International Peace Festival(Mumbai, India)

2008 official invitation of Inko Center(Channai, India)

2008 winning a prize in Korea Traditional Performing Arts Festival 2008

2009 official invitation of Ansan International Street Arts Festival 2009

2010 Opening Performance of Seolmundae Halmang Festival 2010

2010 Director of D. Festa Outdoor 2010

2013 winning a prize in Korea Traditional Performing Arts Competition 2013

2014 Performance ‘Lady Wonang’ on tour for 4 places of National Gukak Center


2003-2008 Chairman of Korean Mime Council

2009-2010 Director of Bike Theatre
- Current -

President of Mime Theatre Bintangnori

Boardman of Korea Performing Arts Center

Director of Samduk Village Puppet & Mime Festival

Art Director of Korean Association of Spirituality and Art


202/1202 Palgongbosung APT, Gymyo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea 701-746